Restaurant Fortas

For over than 25 years our restaurant offers its customers the world’s favourite dishes. By organizing the so-called ‘cuisine days’, FORTAS constantly introduces the foods and cuisines of different countries – Czech, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, German, etc. Both on business day and on weekend mornings, you can enjoy the breakfasts that represent the morning food culture of different countries – from traditional cuisine up to the modern and most advanced breakfast dishes.


“We’ve been making the most popular dishes of various countries with love and responsibility for more than 20 years. Our cooks highly appreciate the natural and classic taste of food products; therefore, we are strictly opposed to the use of synthetic substitutes or their mixtures, flavour enhancers, food colours and genetically modified products. We respect you and we want you to enjoy only the highest quality food every single time, so we choose only the freshest and mostly Lithuanian raw materials. We don’t approve the concept of a centralised cuisine; therefore, we make all the dishes at the moment you order them. We sincerely aim that our restaurant would become a part of your excellent and cosy routine”

Arūnas Stoškus, Chef of the restaurant network FORTAS


Over than 25 years!

In 1996, when the restaurant culture only started slowly developing in Lithuania, we established our first restaurant FORTAS on Algirdas street. Over than 25 years of improvisations and experiments allowed us to discover perfect tastes and flavours of our special dishes and select the best drinks beloved by our regular customers. ‘FORTAS – for what is really genuine!’ – this value is the key to our success.